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Homescapes is an engrossing and addictive online game that can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. The game is based on an interesting storyline that revolves around Austin and his parents. Austin has come home for a holiday and for spending some time with his parents who reside there. The home requires a lot of changes as it has not been renovated and redecorated since a long time. You need to help Austin in decorating the home properly so that his parents can live in a beautiful and safe house, for that you may need the help of our Homescapes Hack tool.

Homescapes Hack

To renovate the home, you will be allotted with several tasks like changing carpets, cleaning the rooms, replacing beds and chairs, etc. So, the entire game depends on how well and quickly you beautify Austin’s home. The tasks that you will get in the game have to be completed by collecting books, cups, carpets, etc. in the grid.

The various levels of the game keep getting tougher, so you need to play Homescapes cautiously or use Homescapes cheats. You will be provided with limited amount of moves and you are supposed to complete the level within the allotted moves. If you are unable to complete the level and run out of moves, then you will have to start playing the same level again from the beginning. Moreover, you will even lose a life. You will be provided with a maximum of five lives and you need to wait for some time before you generate a new one. So, to succeed in the higher levels of the game, you need to plan your strategies well and play carefully.

Listed Below Are Some Vital Aspects Of Homescapes That Makes The Game Different From Others:

  • Homescapes has a unique gameplay in which you need to help Austin in renovating his house by swapping and matching various pieces.
  • It provides a match-3 level, which is filled with loads of fun.
  • The exceptional gameplay and explosive combinations makes the game one of its kind.
  • You will be provided with hundreds of design options. This will enable you to explore your creativity and design the house as per your preferences.
  • By completing various levels in the game, you will be able to unlock new rooms of the mansion.
  • Austin’s mansion is huge and beautiful, so managing and maintaining it is extremely engrossing.
  • You can let your Facebook friends help you to give a complete makeover to Austin’s mansion.
  • Austin’s fluffy cat is cute as well as naughty.
  • The game is highly enjoyed by those players who are creative and enjoy designing houses as here you can decide what the house will look like.
  • This game can be more fun when used with our homescapes hack.

Some Of The New Features Added In The Game:

  • The story has been broadened as you can now help Austin in decorating his Orangery and Living room.
  • The game is popular on all social networking sites. So, you can get more information of your favorite characters by following their pictures and comments.
  • You can opt for a mailbox in your in-game tablet. This will let you get lives from your friends easily and will keep you updated with the latest news from the gaming developers.
  • The brand-new match – 3 mode has over 400 exciting levels in the game. Moreover, the new elements in the game will keep you entertained for several days.

In Homescapes, you can purchase certain in-game items by spending real world money. However, if you do not want to use this option then you can simply turn it off by clicking at your device’s restrictions menu. You can always choose alternative which is – Homescapes Hack. This feature takes us to our next sub-topic, which is the in-game currency of Homescapes. The game has two main currencies that have been discussed below:

In-Game Currencies:




Coins are the main currency of the game, which are easy to acquire in comparison to Stars. The simplest way to acquire Coins is by matching pieces in the grid. Once you have earned enough Coins, you will be able to succeed well in the game. Coin can be used for completing several tasks that will be provided to you in the game. Other way is to generate Coins with our Homescapes hack. Some of these tasks are changing the furniture of rooms, changing carpets, lamps, etc. To make the game unique, you can purchase Boosters by spending Coins. These Boosters can be bought before you begin with a new level so that you can complete the level quickly.


Boosters are special items of the game that can enhance your gameplay. You can purchase Boosters by spending real money. Or, if you have earned plenty of Coins in the game, then you can spend them for buying Boosters. You can use Boosters for saving a move in the grid or for removing several pieces by breaking them. Boosters are difficult to acquire in the game by using traditional methods because they are earned as rewards. So, it is important that you make use of Boosters only in situations when you get stuck at a certain level of the game. Some of the Boosters that you will come across in the game are Hammer, Bomb, Rocket, Paper Plane, etc.


Stars are the premium currency of the game, which can be acquired by completing numerous levels. You need to match the pieces accurately in the grid so that you can acquire power-ups. These power-ups can then be used to complete the particular stage of the game as well as earn Stars. You can make use of Stars in completing several tasks that you will come across in the game. So, by earning loads of Stars, you will be able to beautify Austin’s house completely. If you can’t get enough stars, don’t worry! Just use the Homescapes Hack.


To complete a level, you need to match 3 pieces together. If you are able to match 4-5 pieces together then you will earn a power-up. Power-ups are used for blowing up more pieces. Mentioned below are some power-ups that you can acquire in the game:

  • When you match 4 pieces in a line, you will earn a power-up that can break a whole line.
  • If you match 4 pieces in a square, then you will be awarded with a paper plane that can break adjacent pieces in the grid and then fly to another piece of same color.
  • By matching 5 pieces in the shape of ‘L’ or ‘T’, you earn a Bomb that can explode in a huge area.
  • Matching 5 pieces in a straight line will let you acquire a power-up that can be swapped with some other piece. This power-up will be able to break all pieces of same color.
  • When you swap two power-ups together, you will earn a bigger power-up. This will let you break several lines together instead of just one.

Final Word:

To conclude, Homescapes is an entertaining online game that has been developed by Playrix Games. Once you start playing this match 3 puzzle game, you will certainly get hooked to your screens. You cannot renovate any room of the house as you need to follow the tasks that have been allotted by Austin to you.

All the tasks are unique and requires varied amount of Stars in order to complete which of course can be generated with our Homescapes hack. You will even get a chance to select the designs and colors as per your desire for renovating certain parts of the room. Once you complete particular tasks in a level, a day will come to an end. At each end of the day, you will earn bonus Coins or Power-ups, which can be used for completing the tasks on the next day.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that by completing a day, you will not recover your stamina and will have to continue with the tasks that are allotted to you. However, you can change your designs by going back to the previous renovations that have been done. So, get ready for some fun time with this game and our Homesscapes hack by helping Austin to upgrade his home and save it from getting sold by his parents.



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