How To Beat Levels In Homescapes Game?

How To Beat Levels In Homescapes Game?

Homescapes is an easy to play online game. The basic gameplay and controls of the game is simple, so children can too play it effortlessly! In the beginning of the game, you will be able to beat levels quickly. However, as you reach the advanced stages of the game, it becomes really difficult to clear those levels.

Since there are limited moves available for each level, completing the puzzle in the higher stages of the game gets tougher. If you too are facing a similar situation and planning to give up, then wait! Listed below are some tricks and tips that you could use for clearing the challenging levels of Homescapes game:

  • You can consider spending real money on buying virtual currencies. By buying Boosters, Power-Ups and Coins, you will be able to complete the level quickly. However the better alternative is to simply try using Homescapes cheat.
  • Play strategically and plan your moves in advance, then play the tough levels in the game. Try to predict where the pieces will move and aim to acquire several power-ups.
  • Make plenty of gaming friends by joining the game’s Facebook group. These friends can be helpful at the time of need as you can acquire extra lives from them.
  • Replay the levels again so that you can earn some in-game currencies.
  • Make use of Boosters to clear complicated levels.
  • Swap power-ups often so that you can create a powerful power-up that will make your game easier.
  • Make use of reliable and safe hacks that are easily available online for generating loads of in-game currencies. You can then make use of these currencies in buying Boosters and Power-Ups.

Luck plays a good role in the game. So, don’t give up! Keep trying and eventually you will be able to complete the tricky level of the game. You may get frustrated by playing a tough level again and again, but when you beat it by using the aforesaid tips then you will surely be proud of yourself.

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