Guide On How To Use Homescapes Power-Ups!

Homescapes Power-Ups

Guide On How To Use Homescapes Power-Ups!


In the game of Homescapes, you need to match at least 3 pieces together in a grid so that you can complete the puzzle and win. However, when you match more than 3 pieces together then you acquire a power-up. There are several power-ups that you can acquire in the game, which highly depends on the technique that you have used to match the pieces. These power-ups can help in blowing up many more pieces in the grid, so they are considered to be highly effective in the game.

Here is the detailed explanation on how to acquire power-ups as well as the numerous power-ups that are accessible in the game:

Rocket Power-Up To Break Complete Line:

Just match four pieces in a line (row or column) and acquire the Rocket power-up! When you use the Rocket power-up, you will be able to fire across the grid in both directions; thus, removing all pieces in that particular column or row. For instance, if you have matched four pieces in a column, then the Rocket will face horizontally and clear all pieces in a row.

Paper Plane Power-Up To Complete Your Level Quickly:

Just match four pieces in a square on the grid and earn Paper Plane power-up as a reward. Use it to break four adjacent pieces and then it will stop at another piece of the same color. The power-up always selects to stop at the piece that is necessary for you to remove in the game. For instance, if your objective in the game was to remove teacups and there is a single teacup remaining on the grid. Then, the Paper Plane will stop on that teacup so that it gets destroyed and you complete the level easily.

Bomb Power-Up To Cause An Explode:

When you match five pieces in a “T” or “L” shape then you can acquire the Bomb power-up. You can use the power-up for causing a blast in a huge area. Usually, in a two-square radius, all pieces will be blown up so make use of Bombs for destroying pieces in the centre of the grid and not near the edges.

Rainbow Ball Power-Up To Destroy All Pieces Of Identical Colors:

When you match five pieces in a line, you acquire a special Rainbow Ball power-up. With this power-up, you will be able to destroy all pieces of identical colors on the grid. It is a perfect power-up to use for destroying all tiles of same color at once in the grid. For instance, if your task in the level is to collect 40 cherries, then you should make use of the Rainbow Ball as it will help you in completing your task quickly.

Swapping Power-Ups:

Power-ups can be either used by double tapping on them or by swapping them with some other power-up. Swapping a power-up with another one costs one move. So, you should do it only when you think you have some extra moves left in a particular level. When you swap two power-ups together, you will be able to acquire a bigger and more powerful power-up. So, it certainly is worth investing in!

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  1. I really like this game it helps my brain concentrate and i like decorating this home in addition this hacks are amazing becouse sometimes i just want to decorate the house without the game and i can’t so it’s amazing to have a chance like that

  2. Love the game! I’m addicted and equally frustrated. Can anyone tell me why power ups I use don’t end up on my game board???

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