Homescapes Strategy

Use These Homescapes Strategy And Achieve Success In The Game!


Buy Boosters:

Coins are the main currency of the game that can enable you to buy Boosters. If you want to earn plenty of Coins easily in the game then watch the video advertisements regularly. Each video that you watch will let you earn 45-50 Coins. That said; there are different types of Boosters available in the game. Some can be bought by Coins while others have to be purchased by spending real world money. You can buy them after you complete a level so that you can use it for the subsequent level. Boosters can be used for removing several pieces in the grid and for saving a move. In short, with the help of Boosters, you will be able to complete the grid quickly, so buying them is a great strategy for succeeding in the game.

Make Use Of Power-Ups:

You will come across several different power-ups in the game like Bombs, Rockets, etc. These power-ups are extremely helpful in completing certain levels of the game. The most powerful power-up is the Paper Plane, which can be used for destroying four-pieces on any side of the grid. You can acquire the Paper Plane power-up by matching four pieces in a square. The Rainbow Ball power-up can be used for destroying plenty of same colored pieces. You can acquire them by matching four pieces in the grid. Another way to acquire powerful power-ups is by swapping two power-up together. So, make use of them and reach advanced stages of the game quickly.

Use Your Moves Carefully:

In the beginning of the game, you do not have to worry about moves as you will be given lot of moves to complete the level. However, in the higher levels of the game, you will be allotted with fixed amount of moves. Within the allotted moves, you need to complete your level. It becomes extremely difficult to complete some levels at the advanced stages of the game as they are tricky. At that time, you need to plan your moves accurately so that you can complete the level within the allotted moves. Ensure that you do not waste your moves in destroying irrelevant pieces.

Complete The Puzzles Tactfully:

Each puzzle in the game is unique and different from the others. You need to think of some strategies for completing the objective that is provided in the levels. Completing the puzzle within the allotted moves can be tough and if you are unable to complete it then you will have to play the level again. On the other hand, if you play carefully then you will have some extra moves that are left out after completing the level. These moves will then turn into special power-ups like Paper Planes, Rockets, etc. which can be used in the next level of the game. These power-ups are a great way to earn some bonus Coins. So, save moves and earn loads of in-game currencies.

Make Friends:

Facebook is the best way to find some good gaming friends. Just join the Facebook gaming page and make some friends. These pals will later help you in regenerating lives quickly. Lives are an important aspect of the game. Each puzzle that you play will make you lose a life, irrespective of whether you have won or lost in the level. There are fixed amount of lives accessible in the game and if you lose all of them, then you need to wait for certain time to regenerate it automatically in the game. The best way to save this time is by making plenty of friends through social media sites and taking their help for acquiring lives.

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32 thoughts on “Homescapes Strategy

  1. I love this game, play it everyday! Super excited about this strategy to help me out! Cant wait to see the rest of the house!

  2. Very good webiste, helped me with a lot and very trusting. Would very much recommend, love receiving free coins and stars because some levels are very hard to get through.

  3. Love this game! It’s very addicting and fun, but some of the levels are extremely difficult and impossible to pass unless you spend money.

  4. I am so addicted to this game! I play it almost everyday, but i slacking a bit when it comes to getting all the stars. I just wanna make the house look pretty.

  5. I really enjoy playing Homescapes, I find it very relaxing. Just wish some of the levels weren’t so hard. I will continue to keep playing just because I love the game so much. Thanks

  6. Good job! Amazing game and really enjoy playing it. It’s an amazing way to pass the time. Also good graphics. Once you start playing it’s difficult to stop.

  7. This game is so much fun! I enjoy playing the puzzles to get stars and it is so much fun to decorate a house and garden! I love reading the commentary between Austin and his parents, it is funny. It is very satisfying to complete tasks!

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  9. Homescapes is really fun and I like the story mode a lot. Can’t wait to open up new rooms after the garden.
    The only game that can keep me play more than 100 levels.
    Currently in 289.

  10. I love game but i cannot wait for open all rooms. That is why i hack game to speed up. At the present, i am at 5xx level. I hope the rule will change at stars usage. Thanks for reading!

  11. I absolutely love this game! I’ve always had a passion for design whether it be clothing or homes, so this game is right up my alley. I’ve had many, many health issues over the past year & this game helps me dive into another world & helps me forget my problems for a little while. I recommend this game & this website!

  12. Homescapes is so much fun and i enjoy it in my spare time. the tips and tricks have made the game even more fun to get through the levels and investigate the other rooms. Thank you for making it even more enjoyable and the time to work through the game so i can have more fun.

  13. What a great game. I love it so much. Homescapes is so much fun and i enjoy it in my spare time. the tips and tricks have made the game even more fun to get through the levels and investigate the other rooms. Thank you for making it even more enjoyable and the time to work through the game.

  14. This game is so addictive and I can’t stop playing it and I want more lives and stars to help me on passing the level that I am stuck on ahhhhhh! And I would like to progress on developing my house and completing my kitchen.

  15. I found Homescapes through an ad demo in another game and thought it seemed fun so I downloaded it and I was not disappointed. I’m slightly addicted now and I want to decorate the whole house immediately and since I can’t beat all the levels quickly I figured I might find a good cheat website…I thought I would find just simple tricks but found free coins and stars…the best!

  16. The Homescapes game is a super fun game to play. I really like the games. So far the games weren’t too difficult. I also like that you van charge the room Amy time you like.
    And homescapescheat is really easy to use.

  17. I was so addicted with this game. I love Homescapes so much. This game is so much fun! I enjoy playing the puzzles to get stars and it is so much fun to decorate a house and garden! I love reading the commentary between Austin and his parents, it is funny.

  18. The reasoning that I need this is I love playing the game it just get so hard for that I get frustrated in the game, causes it took me almost the middle of the year to finish one level and that’s the honestly the truth no joke I even uninstalled the game,then reinstalled it again thinking I would do better to my disappointment I failed at the game again, now I am stuck again ,so me trying to get 2 stars for every task I know it’s not happening for me ,cause like I said once I get stuck on a level it takes me forever to get off one, so that’s why I need those stars,coins it would really really really really really help me out please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  20. I am very entertained by this game at all types of hours. I seem to spend money just so that I can get more lives. This hack is needed because I cannot spend more money on something that I don’t really head. I don’t want to be forced to delete this game just because of me having to spend money to play a game. This game is addictive and I love it.

  21. I love this game. It is really fun and easy and very addicting. The reason I want the hack is because sometimes you just get so stuck in the game that you start to really get frustrated and give up. It takes forever to pass some levels. And when you don’t have a boost in the game it takes longer but I love the game.

  22. I got hooked on Gardenscapes, when this came out I knew I was in trouble! Generally I make it a rule not to buy bonuses or coins, but this game challenged me! When I saw the hack site I have to admit, I started acting like an addict with the twitches. I was that eager to try it out! So here goes nothing!

  23. I really need these coins and stars because the levels are starting to get extremely difficult and frustrating. I really want to be able to renovate the entire house without spending a year playing this game. It would be really satisfying to me if I could complete this game and I would really like the help!!

  24. Fantastic game and fun for me too omg was a great day and fun and playing it for a little bit I wanna is a fun fact that I can play with you my mom is your relaxing relaxing night out and you have a great time and fun and relaxing I am so happy that I have had to go get back with my family I am going home to work creek and then going home and then I am leaving the office at

  25. I really like this game! Some levels are challenging, but it only makes it more worthwhile when you beat the level. Austin is funny with some of the things he says and there is always a curveball when you think you know what your next task to be. I recommend to anyone looking for a long term game.

  26. I play the game every day, but it is completely frustrating Everytime I get stuck on a level. Sometimes it seems that the only time I can beat a level is if I spend alot of money or get unlimited lives for and hour or two. I really really need the coins and stars, because if I keep blowing all my money on this game my husband is gonna kill me!!!

  27. This game is amazing. It is fun and challenging. The only real problem is that it takes forever to get enough stars to make any sort of progress. Things start out only needing one star which is one level beaten and then progress to two then for and six and so on. Depending on skill, luck and hardness of level it can take weeks to get enough stars. Hopefully this helps in a clutch.

  28. Love playing Homescapes it is completely addicting. Love to have the hack to get coins and stars so I can continue on in the hard levels so I can improve Austin’s house. Some of the levels past 100 are really hard to complete with out some help. I really enjoy progressing through the tasks and watching the interaction between Austin and his mom and Dad. This game is really great!

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