Homescapes Tricks

Homescapes Tricks That Will Make Your Game Easier!

Are you finding difficulty in achieving success in Homescapes game? If yes, then check out these wonderful tips and tricks that will make your game simpler:



  • Save as many moves as you can, especially in the first few levels, so that you can acquire power-ups. These power-ups will make you earn innumerable bonus Coins. And, who doesn’t enjoy getting bonus in-game currencies? Make use of these Coins later on for buying moves, lives, or Boosters in the advanced stages of the game.
  • Plan your moves carefully and play strategically so that you can create special moves and acquire several power-ups. For instance, by matching four pieces in a square formation, you will be able to create a Paper Plane power-up. The Paper Plane power-ups can be used for destroying several pieces on the grid.
  • When you are allotted the task of covering the entire puzzle board with carpet, the best way to do it is by using Rockets power-up. The Rockets spread carpet on the grid, irrespective of where they are located.
  • Some ways to earn loads of Coins is by connecting your gaming account to the Facebook account. This will make you earn 1,000 Coins. Also, try to complete a day in the game quickly so that you can earn thousands of Coins. Login to the game every single day and earn daily rewards in the form of Coins.
  • Buy Boosters whenever you are stuck up at a tricky stage. You need to acquire them at the beginning of the level by spending Coins or real world money. Boosters will help in clearing the level easily.
  • Gamers who enjoy designing the interiors of the house and are playing the game only for decorating Austin’s home can make use of minimal amount of Coins for redecorating the house again. For instance, if you do not like the carpet or sofa that you had earlier installed in the game, then change it as per your desire. You just need to tap and hold the item that you want to change for a couple of seconds. Instantly, a pop-up will appear with various options that you can select from for redesigning the home. Cool, isn’t it?
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So, the next time you get stuck up at a complicated level in Homescapes game; don’t forget to use the above-mentioned tips and tricks. Our guide will certainly help you to enjoy the game to the fullest! Happy gaming!

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