How to get more Coins and Stars

All That You Wanted To Know About Homescapes In-Game Currencies!


Coins are the primary currency of Homescapes game. Your main goal in the game is to complete various levels by refurnishing Austin’s home and earning Coins and Stars; the two main currencies of the game.

What Are The Uses Of Coins?

  • Coins can be used for replacing a particular piece of furniture and getting it swapped by different colored furniture. For instance, you can swap your red colored sofa with a blue colored sofa at your convenience and by spending minimal amount of Coins.
  • You can spend Coins on buying Lives. You will require 900 Coins to buy one life in the game.
  • Complete several goals in the game by spending Coins.
  • If you desire, then you can buy Boosters by spending Coins. Boosters can be bought before beginning with a level and it will help you in achieving success in that particular level.
  • If you run out of moves, then make use of Coins for buying them.

How To Earn Coins In Homescapes Game?

  • You can earn 1,000 Coins as soon as you complete a day in the game.
  • Coins can be acquired by matching pieces in each stage of the game.
  • When you complete a level by saving a move, it gets changed into special power-ups like Bombs, Paper Planes, or Rockets. These will help in acquiring rewards, which will be in the form of Coins.
  • Watch the advertisements that are accessible in the game for earning several Coins every day.
  • Coins can easily be earned with our Homescapes Cheats 2018.


Stars are the premium currency of Homescapes game.

What Are The Uses Of Stars?

  • Stars can be used in furnishing and upgrading Austin’s home.
  • You will even require Stars for progressing to the advanced levels of the game.
  • You can complete special tasks provided to you in the game by using Stars.
  • Stars can be used for playing Match-3 levels in the game, so that you can complete Austin’s tasks.
  • Stars can be generated with our Homescapes Hack.

How To Acquire Stars In Homescapes Game?

  • You can acquire Stars by completing numerous levels in the game. Each level that you complete, you will earn one Star. This Star has to be used for unlocking the next level of the game.
  • When you complete a particular level before running out of moves, you win Star as reward.
  • Some players save Stars as they never do the tasks that have been allotted by Austin. They simply play the Match-3 levels. However, this is not recommended as the fun part of the game is in renovating and designing Austin’s home beautifully.
  • You can check the to-do list on the game menu and try to complete the assignments that are available on the list. Each assignment will cost different amount of Stars so depending on the number of Stars that you have, you can select the assignment and complete it.

To conclude, play carefully and try to save as many Coins and Stars as possible in Homescapes game so that you can reach advanced stages of the game easily.

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26 thoughts on “How to get more Coins and Stars

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  10. This is a very fun game and very addicting. I like that it has multiple dimensions of game play and offers the rewards of coins that allow you to decorate the mansion using those rewards. My biggest complaint is that I have already spent a small fortune funding this game as I have found it almost impossible to complete the harder levels without buying extra coins and this has me very frustrated.

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  20. I love this game i find it hard to put my phone down. I would really like a little bit more moves on the harder levels but is addicting none the less. Realy enjoy the boosters you can recieve in this game. The butler austin and his family crack me up. Want the stars and coins so i can move on to another level.

  21. I love the game cause its brain stradegt game with bonus as u get to set up house how u like. And love story line and charictera. Whybi need it coins fpr power up beach I’m stucknon this level for awhile and it seems impossible to beat with out as many power ups I can possibly get sure hope this hack works.

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